I want to bring extra context to my last post as it pertains to contradictions and inconsistencies in mythology and storytelling. In the crucial words of Bokencamp himself...

2021.12.03 04:17 TheDonald1 I want to bring extra context to my last post as it pertains to contradictions and inconsistencies in mythology and storytelling. In the crucial words of Bokencamp himself...

This is just more context to add to my previous post for those who simply think the writers are sloppy, bad and/or lazy when it comes to keeping the mythology straight, or simply just do not care about honest storytelling. (Character development is a completely separate issue on its own because that deals more with the “middle” of the show not the “end game”). Hence this reason to try to explain the obvious contradictions in mythology especially from the first half of the series to the latter half, and even between seasons 3 and 4.

  1. Red told Liz her parents loved each other very much in connection to Liz’s moral battle over abortion/giving up her child vs adoption, but Katarina telling Kate in Requiem the only person she loved was Masha, but not Liz’s father, allegedly
  2. Or Red in 3.14 telling Liz her mother wanted her father back and for them to be a family after what her father did though in 8.21 Katarina is seen trying to call off the affair as opposed to wanting Raymond back and fighting for them to be a family
  3. Or Minister D (6.09) telling us the money used to frame Reddington was the $6 million that was wired into a Cypriot bank account known to work with Soviet intelligence, but Rassvet and Nachalo stated it was the $40 million that was used to frame Reddington
  4. Or Katarina writing in her diary the only person she was honest with was Raymond, and yet she allegedly went behind Raymond’s back in the Minister D tape and was the same man who could allegedly be heard accusing Katarina of spying on him and finding out all these activities Katarina was secretly doing behind his back that showed she was never on his side in the 2.10 flashbacks of the fire
  5. Or Naomi telling Red Jennifer at the end of 2.04 she didn’t know where Jennifer was and had decided to walk away years ago because she was afraid Red would come again for her, but Jennifer telling Red in 5.20 it was her mother who walked away years ago to protect Jennifer so Red could not come back again for her
  6. Or Nachalo contradicting itself in more ways than one. One of which showed Katarina first stating she only stayed at the Tacoma Park house for “one weekend” while Carla was away, (“I even helped watch Jennifer one weekend while she was away), but Raymond says soon after they had essentially both stayed at the Reddington household (Tacoma Park house) more than once before (I believe the exact line was “Well, we can make that work. WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE”)
I know there are others to add, but this list serves my point.
And of course my prime example from last post showing the clear contradictory nature of Katarina’s actions according to Red in 3.14 wanting Raymond back and for them to be a family, but in the Minister D tape from season 6 she chooses to inform Fitch about Raymond and Masha compelling Fitch to make Katarina choose between two impossible resolutions in regard to what to do with Raymond. Effectively negating her plans to want Raymond back and a family.
However, something that believers of the poolazy/bad writing argument in relation to the mythology and storytelling, and the writers can’t keep the story straight or do not care to narrative, should account for the following…
As Bokencamp stated in the past, which is crucial when forming any theory of the show and analyzing it, especially when noticing clear contradictions and inconsistencies regarding major details:
It’s more of a bible now. Occasionally, if we bump up against something like, ‘Does Liz speak Russian?’ — we have to go back to the bible to keep it straight and to be on point with exactly what the backstory is.
We’re very religious about being honest and true to the mythology of the show, the origins of it, and where we’re planning to go. So, yeah, we’re meticulous about the mythology and maintaining the bible that we’re adding to, and checking against it to make sure we’re not contradicting ourselves in the storytelling.
What I’ll say about the trajectory of the show and where it’s going — and where it’s been going since Day 1 — is that we do have a grasp on who these people are, how they’re interconnected, and what the agendas are. That, of course, shifts at times, and adjusts just because of the nature of doing 22 episodes of TV each season — and we don’t want to get there too quickly.
WE’RE FORTUNATE TO KNOW WHERE WE’RE GOING (think of this in the context of those who think Fauxarina was originally intended to be Lotte’s Katarina until last minute plans changed) and fortunate to have SMART WRITERS on staff who are keeping us in line with that. I DON’T THINK WE COULD TELL AS COMPLEX A STORY OR AS EMOTIONAL A STORY IF WE WERE JUST WINGING IT.”
I would also take note on JB describing the story he was telling as being complex, meaning it is not the simple story many want to make it out to be, and that there allegedly is not that much to the plot or it is not deep. It is also a term along with the phrase “over analyzing” that is commonly prescribed to those of us in the Daddygate and Carlarina camps who are accused of making the show more complicated than what it actually allegedly is. Even though what I believe my theory camp does is try to bring a rather unique degree of creative simplicity in combination with logical solutions to what is by definition and admission a complex story, by Bokencamp’s own words. And the fact that the story is as complex as it is I actually believe demonstrates the carefully crafted and defined nature of the show and the amount of detail that was incorporated into the story. I also find it ironic that some of those who accuse us of “fanfic”, the newest accusation that evolved from the “over analyzing” accusation, are some of the same persons who also believe the show is not that deep, carefully written and complex, in spite of Bokencamp’s admission.
And I also think that we can safely conclude from his testimony that because he and his team had placed a strong emphasis on accuracy and honesty that the contradictions in mythology that have been observed numerous times can logically be explained in that those contradictions were intentionally and knowingly written into the script to try and fool the audience or see who is paying close attention. And at the end of the series the actual mythology will come together through an honest and sincere narration when the time is right. And material from the earlier seasons will add up to stuff shown in the latter seasons. Otherwise the whole purpose of an end game would be pointless in this case and the earlier seasons were a waste, which would also by default imply the writers early on wasted their time writing heavily involved scripts that were destined to be retconned.
And it is because this show by definition has an end game that means by default later as well as earlier details need to be equally accounted for because the concept of a “bigger picture” is important here. And I think the writers want you to question things that do not make sense and do not add up, at least for the consistent casual/follower and diehard viewer. Or they just count on those in the audience forgetting about key details from the earlier seasons, or the first half of the series, the casual viewer. Or it is a combination of both since both kinds of viewers exist especially with this kind of show. But for the non diehard viewer it is easy to forget little or early details.
This is why I also think much of the later mythology contradicts the earlier mythology. An intentional calculation.
Because I think this show is designed for both kinds of viewers, though I think it is a treasure chest for the diehard viewer since this is not the kind of show you can watch on and off without falling behind. This is in large part because of the procedural aspect of the show. And I find it funny how I have seen arguments from some people who claim the show was only meant for the casual viewer (some of the same people who claim the story is not that deep or carefully written) even though it is easy to fall behind with the show, which means in order to keep up with what is going on one at minimum needs to be a consistent casual viewer and the diehard viewer is by default in the better position and has the upper hand in understanding the story. Meaning the show was definitely crafted for the diehard viewer who enjoys analyzing the show.
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2021.12.03 04:17 Intazell Uninstalled a BF game today after only ~2weeks post release...feels so bad...

never knew i'd have to do this but the new patch just fkd it completely ...ima go take another look in a year and i probably watch the BFF's episodes but that's the only good thing coming out of this..whatever it is :/
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Extinction Saga is the epic space drama about the new Commander of the Ragarian Corps, Oryon and his first mission leading the Corps Armada. The Lord General Zoltan has tasked him in ending the 100 World War with the treacherous Slood Federation and saving political hostages, but along the way he may come across a starling truth. Find out more at this link in the comments below!
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2021.12.03 04:17 lmfjdj I’m thinking of taking Duffy out and replacing him with either Lamptey or Rico Henry, wouldn’t be able to go over £4.5m on this player. Any advice?

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2021.12.03 04:17 Ill-Owl-8999 M20, virgin. Really nervous and could use some advice

So I’ve been seeing this girl for about two weeks now, we met through OLD and vibe well with each other.
Yesterday was our 4th time meeting up and we kind of made out in my car. She then invited me to dinner tomorrow and I’m really nervous what’s gonna happen.
Even though I’m happy and excited to meet her, I’m nervous that I’ll mess things up, I’m very bad at reading situations. I’ll be sure to take protection with me.
But where do hold a girl when kissing her or making out? Or how do you go forward and progress in the act? Will it all come naturally? Please send some motivation 🙏
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2021.12.03 04:17 Glum-Situation-216 [Searching] TH12 Near maxed 65/65/40 any CWL spots?

Looking to join an active clan that still hasn’t started CWL and has a space free
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2021.12.03 04:17 EvadeTheGrade1 What do you think about Shoko ?

i've been a lot of mixed and divided opinions about her and her bad luck regarding the timing and the situations she's in. I believe that she wanted to be a good friend to Satou but she couldn't accept her aunt and kidnapping Shio. It was nice she still wanted to have faith in Satou even though she knew her secret but it would only be expected for Satou to kill her to be careful. I just feel like she couldn't handle what was happening in the anime and didn't expect shit to be this deep and brutal
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2021.12.03 04:17 CBlazi It's depressing when you used to be attractive as your agab.

I feel like I wasted so many opportunities for having dysphoria. I have to admit that I had pretty attractive facial features for a guy on high school, had a lot of dates back then, often gay boys would hit on me at parties, I used to run track so my body was fit, I'm 5'11 which is taller than most people in my country, even my voice used to be considered attractive. Of course non of this matters, I was miserable in that body. But now I feel so ugly and masculine some times... My voice sounds so weird after voice training, I find my height repugnant, my mind keeps telling me my face will never pass. My god, since hormones my dysphoria has been relieved a lot, but when I have an episode I just wish so hard I wasn't born this way, I wish I could live the cis girl college experience. Being a white attractive man is literally the key to have an easy life.
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Played bass for a year or so and off and on picked one up but now that I’m playing with a friend I want to get better while also expanding my music taste! I’d love any beginneintermediate/really fun song recommendations! Anything but metal really. I don’t have the speed for that right now.
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2021.12.03 04:17 Careless_Rock_9814 Front disc brake squealing only in wet weather. What do I do?

I have a 200mm rotor in front, hydraulic brake with a resin pad.
It’s fine by dry weather but when it gets very humid or raining, that break squeals like crazy. If I brake enough that it heats up but not enough to stop, the squealing goes away for a little bit and then comes back.
What’s going on? And how do I fix it?
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2021.12.03 04:17 claeryfae My experience getting sterilized.

So many posts here today, my heart is breaking to see the amount of fear so many of us have about forced birth. I have always had a pathological fear of pregnancy, like full blown nightmares about it. I always knew I'd never be a mother for a number or reasons like breaking the chain of familial trauma and abuse as well as having a genetic disorder. In 2018 I was able to be sterilized and I really, really hoped that I was just dealing with my own phobia and not being prescient about these abortion rights being stripped from us. I never post but I feel like the knowledge I gained through this experience might be helpful right now.
I went to my surgeon asking for a tubal ligation and she told me that she doesn't perform them due to the chance of spontaneous healing was too high, instead she prefers to do a full tubal removal. Its not a hysterectomy, and it leaves your ovaries intact also so there's no loss of hormone production. She told me it also slashed my risk of ovarian cancer, as it usually starts in the tubes before spreading.The procedure was outpatient, I went home the same day. It was also laproscopic so I only have three small scars, barely noticeable.
I even have a funny story from the experience. Before they sedated me they said I might be pretty out of it when I came around. When I was coming to in the hallway on the way to the recovery room, a nurse asked if I knew where I was and without missing a beat I said way too loudly: "NO BABIES FOREVEEERRR!!" I distinctly remember her doubling over the gurney because she was laughing so hard. Its genuinely funny to me, but afterwards I realized how deep my phobia of pregnancy was in my psyche if I was shouting my joy to the rafters before fully regaining consciousness.
Im not an expert on the procedure, but ive seen so many comments debating the usefulness of tubal ligation, or people wanting to get their tubes "tied" and i just thought it might be important for people to realize there's another way to get sterilized as an afab.
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