Not 1, Not 2 or even 3 But 4! Yes 4 different 🎉Contests🎉 running right now!! So many chances we fell like Oprah, you get one you get one…..

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2021.12.03 04:06 Joebot_21 Not 1, Not 2 or even 3 But 4! Yes 4 different 🎉Contests🎉 running right now!! So many chances we fell like Oprah, you get one you get one…..

Not 1, Not 2 or even 3 But 4! Yes 4 different 🎉Contests🎉 running right now!! So many chances we fell like Oprah, you get one you get one….. submitted by Joebot_21 to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 04:06 poenewbie99 22. Been eating party sized chips regularly since i was ~16? Long term health issue?

Hi doctors/nurses of reddit! I'm addicted to potato chips and the addiction started when i was around 16 (im 22M now). Ever since then, i have been regularly eating party sized chips; roughly 3 - 5 packs per week when the addiction just started. It continued until i was 18 or 19, i managed to cut down to 1-3 packs per week and sometime even gone weeks without it.
I was reading up on cancer and found that potato chips actually contain an ingredient that causes cancer. I'm worried about it. Is there a huge health risk that i'm facing? Have those packs of chips that i had eaten caused any significant long term damage to my overall health? I would really like your insights.
Thanks for reading
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2021.12.03 04:06 teleworker Scholarship | LawnStarter, The Easiest Way To Order Lawn Care

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2021.12.03 04:06 Financial_County_710 Long Coke Binge and Curious what’s to come…

So I’ve been going through some shit lately and I’ve found myself on a Coke binge that’s going on five weeks straight. I’ve been using every day clearing almost two 8 balls week. How long do I have to stop before I get a hole in my septum based on y’all’s past experience? Any advice that is not a smartass remark would be much appreciated. Please help I’m starting to freak out!!
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2021.12.03 04:06 Onespitwonder Bring them back!!!

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2021.12.03 04:06 HandwovenBox BYU Owns the Pac-12 (and These 10 Statistics Prove It)

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2021.12.03 04:06 LoneStarDragon Dragon Harems Fix Everything

Clickbait title translates to "Why are dragon romances so traditional and boring?"
This something I've brought up once or twice about Age of Fire, that it bothered me that dragons had monogamous relationships despite that they'd benefit in two ways from poly romances.
1) There are too few males because they let the male babies kill each other. Males also tended to find more ways to get themselves killed than females.
2) They follow the human model of the male gets the food and the female look after the eggs / babies.
Two flaws here: If the male is killed while hunting, the female and babies will probably die. The female could leave the babies and hunt herself, but by the time they were certain something had happened to the male, the female and babies would probably be quite hungry and now she'll be out of shape and starving when she makes the desperate attempt. And now the babies will be without their protector and main source of warmth. Should she succeed, she will have to repeat this process until they are independent. If she remains close to her nest, to minimize the time it takes to return, she'll draw attention to the nest. But the farther she hunts from it, the longer her babies will be unprotected. And most of her time with her babies will be spent resting before the next hunt. So even while there she wouldn't be very useful as a guardian.
The second flaw is since the babies are most protected when both parents are there and least protected when the father is away, dragon slayers will generally wait until he leaves. So we return to the previous problem, where a father can either be useful as a hunter or a guardian, but not both.
And seeing as the problems consist of there being too few males for each female to have a partner, and the relationships that do form have a shortage of parents. It seems obvious to me that they'd benefit in at least two ways from cultural adoption of family unit of one male and two females.
1) Females that wouldn't have found a partner or produced children, can now do so.
2) The relationship now has an extra parent. If the females rotate between who is laying eggs each time. The other female can swap places with the male, becoming a second guardian when he is gone and a second hunter when he is resting. You not only doubled the amount of eggs that are hatching, but increased the ratio of babies that will survive in general. Now the best case for what dragon slayers would find is now what was their worst case before.
If male dragons weren't so sensitive to the smell of other males, you could also help the situation by having two sets of monogamous living together. In normal situations, this would mean there would be two females on guard and two males hunting. The flow of food would be more continuous and even if both males were killed, one female could swap out as food provider and leave both sets of babies in the other females protection. This arrangement would also allow gay dragons to be involved in raising babies if they wanted, which the current system really doesn't encourage.
But back to harems. There just feel like a lot of dragon fiction would benefit from poly relationships, especially since there always seems to be a shortage of dragons. And while the bottleneck in population tends to be in the number of mature females. (Increase the number of females and the birthrate goes up, increase the number of males and the birthrate stays the same.) Dragons are generally egg laying creatures, so it may not be as black and white as that.
For example, in my limited experience of Eragon, you have Saphira, the last female dragon, and the two males, Thorn and Firnen. If she had taken them both as partners, would that have increased the amount of babies she could have, or was the limit set by how many children she could produce in a range of time.
Not suggesting "dragon mass production" where Saphira is... knocked up as often as possible. One of the benefits of my AOF arrangement was females could have children less often and the birthrate would remain the same or improve because more females would be having children and those babies would have less chance of dying. Just wondering if two males could increase the number of offspring Saphira could have by overcoming some environmental bottleneck, like food was in AOF. If food was less of a concern in AOF with the three parent system, could females lay more eggs? Or are they biologically locked at a number of eggs laid in a certain amount of time?
Gonna get Temeraire out of the way right way because not only did the two females,>! Iskerika and Mei!<, who were romantically interested in Temeraire despise each other. Those dragons don't really have a view of a "relationships" unless two dragons already have an egg, then they stayed together until the egg hatched, then basically broke up again. So seeing as Temeraire could pursue whichever female he was currently interested in, it was basically already a harem.
I think WOF bothered me most, where you have Starflight who was originally interested in Sunny, but she wasn't romantically interested in him, but Fatespeaker was interested in Starflight. I don't know if it's ever been confirmed if Sunny is asexual or just hasn't found the right partner yet, but considering Sunny and Fatespeaker seemed to adore each other and Sunny seemed like the motherly type who loves babies, it seemed like a waste that they didn't form a three dragon relationship where Sunny could have been the emotional support for the other two instead of a romantic partner and would have a family to call her own instead of being the odd dragon out of their group that didn't end up with someone, and if SF and FS did have kids in the future, she would have the opportunity to be involved in that as a godmother or something, even if she wasn't interested in the romance part. I have the feeling SF and FS could both use some counseling or therapy.
And on the other side we have Moon, Qibli, and Winter. Where Moon chooses between the two males. But since a lot of the fandom felt there was more romance between Qibli and Winter, than either and Moon. I was sort of hoping those three would also stick together. But Moon eventually makes her choice and the other got the boot. Why? You three were perfectly happy together before then? Why did a winner suddenly need to be chosen?
And then we have Spyro. Despite that Ember and Cynder exist in two different Spyro Universes, you still have people arguing over which is the better couple, even though Ember's Spyro doesn't know Cynder exists, and Cynder's Spyro doesn't know Ember exists. So there is no reason to argue this point! But if Cynder and Ember did exist in the same universe, then why does it need to be one or the other? I've seen SxC, SxE, and CxE. But only once a in a solar eclipse do I see someone suggest they could all be in a relationship and not kill each other.
And then you have RuGuaard and his two love interests, Halaflora and Nilrasha, which I referenced in the opening, I think. Another rivalry where the two females both want the same male, but would rather be miserable and alone or tear the others eyes out than come to some compromise or share. To be fair, Halaflora and Nilrasha both expect Rugaard to cheat on Halaflora, but that obviously not a relationship, more a pecking order. But it's also true that Nilrasha doesn't seem to be that opposed to a three-way relationship, but RuGaard feels it would be unfair to Halaflora. Which is also true, because the idea seemed to be there would be the real romance and the mandatory one.
I might go into more examples later, but I'll stop there for now.
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2021.12.03 04:06 firks Moments before disaster

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2021.12.03 04:06 randmnumbr It's my birthday today. Please help me to not do anything stupid.

I've been no contact for over a month now and she has reached out twice.
The first time was with a picture, the second time was asking if she could call me.
I know she doesn't want to get back together and wants us to 'just be friends'. I don't want to be friends with her. I never responded.
I don't know if she's going to wish me a happy birthday today. I don't even know if she would have remembered it.
But if she does wish me a happy birthday, please give me some advice so I won't text back because I will probably regret it.
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2021.12.03 04:06 LeBandit916 Garfield starves minus Garfield: part 2

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2021.12.03 04:06 Spreizbacken Astar wins 3rd Polkadot Parachain auction, DOT Girl awaits activation on December 17th

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2021.12.03 04:06 Sorakasexual All I want for Christmas is you... dead under a tree.

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2021.12.03 04:06 Sad-Hamster9875 Advice

Why does my ex still get upset with me when i give her the silent treatment when she has a boyfriend.. silent treatment for me helps me move on...
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2021.12.03 04:06 HarmyDoesReddit Rengar mains getting a 2nd skin

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2021.12.03 04:06 MrHadrick Don't even worry about it fellas

I had a very vivid dream last night that I was watching the start of moass and the EOD was around $3000, the sub was crammed, front page was overtaken, wives boyfriends were posting hate threads about getting dumped, Kenny got spotted leaving headquarters with a box in his hands, RC tweeted every 5 minutes with fresh and spicy new memes. It was a good sleep, we're gonna make it guys and gals
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2021.12.03 04:06 CallMePinHeadLarry Wedding Cake - Insa (Grower's Reserve) (28.5%THC)

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2021.12.03 04:06 SpaceLover1969 🌴 PussyRocket | Easy 100x Material | BNB Dividends | Huge Gains | Market Cap Under 10k | Fair Launched Today | Amazing Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 🌴

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✅ Coin Market Cap listing coming soon!
What’s special about this contract is the massive 8% dividend and our airdrop feature. Both of these features are great gifts for early holders who will have a free increase in their token supply which further adds on to their BNB dividends!
💰Hodl Contest💰: Any wallet holding 5 billion $PUSSY or more will be entered into a contest for 1 BNB. Winners will be chosen every week!
📝 Contract Address: 0x479024adbbcddcd605f4e7c2b7c954873ce30798
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2021.12.03 04:06 Tyrieon [Spoilers Ep9] Silco Arcane AMV - Bad, by Royal Deluxe

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2021.12.03 04:06 PathWayRagnorok Probably means nothing… right?

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2021.12.03 04:06 popopoby Just DRS'd half of my shares (Can't post on SS because karma ; _ ; )

Just DRS'd half of my shares (Can't post on SS because karma ; _ ; ) Fellow lurker ape who's actually blessed to even afford any shares atm and who barely knows how to use reddit here who actually had enough of Fidelity's nonsense as of today. I called, was a good 20-24 minute wait after saying "stock certificates", guy picks up, asked for some personal information, and I shit you not, the guy already knew I was calling about DRSing my GME stocks. He was super friendly about it and didn't hesitate to help me transfer half of my shares at all with this. Told me that it would take 3-5 business days to fully get to Computershare. I asked him about what to do after and he said he has no clue on his end, but to ask reddit about it. We chatted for a bit, he told me happy early birthday, and wished me luck on my "adventure". So as my shares are on their way, what do I do now? Should I expect anything? How can I check if my shares successfully transferred over? I've read the CS guide but it still doesn't answer all of my questions. If someone can help me out, that would be great :D DMs are open as well if anyone has any questions regarding calling Fidelity! (Am not shill or fake posting ; _ ; pls no judge)
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2021.12.03 04:06 Kalsiddon1 Do I need extra buying power in addition to the amount needed for the stock if I want to roll my CSP?

Or can I get the credit from the next CSP first, and use that to BTC my current CSP?
This is, of course, when the underlying has gone ITM.
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2021.12.03 04:06 rockinherlife234 Music is banging though

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2021.12.03 04:06 cthuluhooprises People need to stop using epithets instead of names.

I can look past it, usually, especially if it’s something I otherwise want to read. But the last straw came when I just had to google because of an epithet. If two character’s ages are not referenced often, do not say “the older man.” ESPECIALLY when they are canonically only two weeks apart.
Like, not only are they not visibly different ages, they’re super close in age. Epithets are annoying enough when it’s something you can easily tell.
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2021.12.03 04:06 zimablueuniverse1995 I work at a PIT FC and it has been really slow recently.

I thought this was supposed to be peak season? Almost everyday they offer VTO instantly. Ever since the day before thanksgiving it has been slow, except for two days. Kinda bummed, I thought there would be more work to do an I could take advantage of that peak pay. Anybody also having slow days at Pit FC’s?
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2021.12.03 04:06 Waxitsyoboi Day 1 of 30

Hello, as a new participant I would like you to keep me in line and make sure I get to my goal. Thanks and cheers.
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